One of the most heartbreaking things about developing countries is the loss of life in everyday emergencies that could have been prevented

Life flight

We have a bold vision.

It’s been said, if you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. We are working towards just that—to coach the Filipinos to sustain their own quality emergency medical system and duplicate these efforts across the country, ultimately impacting 100 million Filipinos who are determined to change their childrens’ future.

After the Philippines, this pilot program could be implemented in other countries across the world.

You can join us in this ground-breaking project.

We have a qualified team and a plan to make change. We need your help to continue implementing. We’re reaching people at their lowest point with the Gospel of Jesus Christ—giving them a hand UP, not a handout—through training, equipment, and accountability.

Will you multiply these efforts with us and invest in the future of the Philippines and the world?

Your gift of $30, $60, $200, or any amount will not stop giving as it is going towards training for lasting impact, sustainability, and changing a country’s standard of care.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support. Together, we’ll save lives and be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Philippines and across the world.


Imagine a world with no 911 service, no one to call for help at the worst time of your life, and hospitals that don’t have the training resources necessary or the capacity.

Medic Corps’ Philippine project is changing the course of every day emergencies by enhancing the current limited 911 system and by helping to develop  a high level trauma center that will save lives.

A few years ago, the MEDIC Corps team responded to a mass casualty disaster in the Philippines. It wasn’t the disaster that left us overwhelmed…

The Filipino medical system is 30 years behind the US. We witnessed many critical patients dying preventable deaths because they didn’t receive intervention in a timely manner to make an impact. The Filipino medical professionals are asking MEDIC Corps for training in emergency medical services and to establish protocols and sequences like US-based hospitals. The Bicol Trauma Center hospital staff is equipped with the necessary medical personnel, technology, and tools but requested our help in training and reorganization.

The diverse MEDIC Corps team of doctors, nurses, and specialists are partnering with the Bicol hospital to train personnel, establish protocols, and create systems. We’re evaluating each department, bringing solutions and plans to raise the standard of care so people will have a fighting chance at getting life-saving treatments.

Here’s how MEDIC Corps is partnering with the Filipino government, hospitals, and churches.

  • LIFE FLIGHT: Per the emergency medicine “golden hour” rule, a patient needs to receive trauma care within 1 hour of a critical injury; otherwise, their chances of survival dramatically decrease. Currently, only 12% of the Bicol Region population has access to emergency medical care within the “golden hour.” There are approximately 3.5 million people within a 30-minute flight to the Bicol hospital. Helicopter flight will increase life-saving access to emergency medical care within the golden hour by 775%. The Philippines has no life flight available to the public, and we’ve purchased the first life flight helicopter for the Bicol Region.
  • 911 & FIRST RESPONDERS: We’re working with the Filipino government to expand their limited emergency dispatch (911) system, paid and volunteer fire departments, and training first responders.
  • CHAPLAINCY & CHURCHES: We’re building a network of churches and pastors who are available at the hospital supporting families in need to get back on their feet after an emergency, following up after leaving the hospital, connecting with local resources, sharing the Gospel, and discipling.
  • ER RESIDENCY: In the Philippines, the emergency rooms (ER) are not staffed with specialized ER doctors who are trained to deal with every emergency. MEDIC Corps is partnering with the Philippine College of Emergency Physicians to establish an ER Residency program in Bicol Hospital. These residency-trained, board-certified doctors will have the skills to provide an excellent standard of care for critical patients.